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    Walnut oil equipment

    Walnut introduction

    Walnut oil content of 60%-70%, known as Woody Oil Wang said, of which the content of unsaturated fatty acids in more than 90%. Walnut oil containing linoleic acid and linolenic acid, oleic acid and other components of the human body can not be synthesized, also contains a variety of beneficial to the human body, vitamin and mineral elements, such as flavonoids, vitamin E and iron, walnut oil fragrance and delicious, nutrient rich, keep the walnut kernel nutritional and pharmacological effects, so walnut oil is a precious nutrition oil.

    Two, Xinxiang Long Sheng in walnut oil processing technology achievements:

    At present, the main methods to produce walnut oil are: physical squeezing and extraction method.

    Three, walnut oil extraction equipment

    3.1 walnut oil cold pressed hulling equipment:

    Press oil law is our country walnut producing traditional processing method, based on our traditional walnut in the pressing process, the study found that the walnut shelling dehulling cold pressing process, can achieve high quality cold pressing walnut oil press cake can be high protein walnut powder production.

    technological process:

    Walnut, cleaning, peeling, peeling, drying, crushing, conditioning, pressing, cold pressed walnut oil

    Process Description: Walnut first transported to the vibration cleaning sieve to remove impurities, through magnetic separator and the proportion of the stone removing metal impurities and stones. Clean up after the end of the walnut shelling of peel, and walnut kernel and shell separation. Walnut first used water machine water separator, and then peeling off the skin, finally drying. With the crusher for the drying of the walnut kernel after crushing, after the crushing of the walnut kernel after the transfer to the cold pressing machine for cold pressing. The process of cold pressing, residual oil in 13-20% can also be improving hardening temperature for hot pressing and residual oil rate can be reduced to 7%, also can keep walnut and unique flavor.

    Main equipment: vibration cleaning sieve, magnetic separator, the proportion to stone, peeling machine, peeling machine, crusher, dryer, Quenched and tempered pot etc..

    Main features: the use of cold pressing process, the quenching and tempering temperature control at 60-80 degrees, to better maintain protein, cold pressed crude oil quality is good.

    3.2 walnut oil extraction equipment:

    Due to the large investment in cold pressed dehulled process, not suitable for small oil refinery operation so my company for small and medium-sized oil refinery build a set of suitable for all small walnut oil refinery processing technology.

    technological process:

    Walnut, cleaning, shelling, crushing, conditioning, squeezing, filtering, virgin walnut oil

    Main equipment: vibration cleaning sieve, magnetic separator, the proportion to stone, sheller, shredders, oil press, quenching pot, filter etc..

    3.3 walnut oil physical refining complete sets of equipment:

    Ordinary refining mostly by chemical refining process, due to alkali refining removal of acid in the process of soapstock will many bioactive substances such as vitamin E away from the oil, so that oil nutrients reduce, some neutral oil was taken away therefore, we on the walnut oil refining by physical refining method ago only for degumming process, without alkali refining to ensure with bioactive substances from loss, and does not add any chemicals.

    Removal of acid removal smelly section for the distillation of physical process, equipped with combined deacidification deodorization tower, oil and grease into the tower packing in the packing section and disperse to form oil film, the flow from top to bottom, and water vapor countercurrent contact, fatty acids and a variety of volatile substances in the vacuum and steam stripping steam by distillation to remove, so as to achieve deodorization (off) acid. The process is short, not only reduces the production cost, but also helps to inhibit the formation of trans fatty acids and the preservation of vitamin E.

    technological process:

    Hair oil, degumming, decoloration, filtration, deaeration, heat, heating, deacidification deodorization, heat transfer, cooling, filtering, oil

    Process Description: after preheating of crude oil, into the oil with hot salt water washing, isolated from the residue, after one or two of the same washing completes the degumming. Degumming of oil into the dry bleaching, the addition of activated clay in the bleaching tower (or decoloring cooker) mixed, then pump into the leaf filter filtered, the filtrate after being polished into a process. Bleaching oil pump into the gas analyzer vacuum deaerating, and then pump into the oil heat exchanger and de odor oil heat exchange preheating and re enters the heater for heating to 250 DEG into combined deacidification deodorization tower under the high vacuum condition were deacidification and smelly, to maximize the removal of oil fatty acids, odor removal of volatile substances, fatty acid mixed steam from the top of the tower discharged into collector of fatty acid trapping system after the sale. Oil from the bottom of the pump into the heat exchanger and to be replaced by hot oil, and then through the cooling of the finished oil.

    Main equipment: centrifuge (or washing pot), bleaching tower (or decoloring cooker), leaf filter, fine filter, combined deacidification de deodorizer, spiral plate heat exchanger etc..

    Process features: the use of physical refining technology, reduce the loss of oil to a large extent retained the oil in the nutrients.

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