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    Animal oil equipment

    First, the introduction of animal oil

    Animal oil is made from animal health fresh and clean in the adipose tissue extract of fats and vegetable oils in general compared, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol more, linoleic acid content is relatively small, compared to oil and animal fats and vegetable oils in general, with irreplaceable special fragrance, to enhance people's appetite, and animal oils with promote fat soluble vitamin A, D, e, K, etc. the absorption. In addition, cholesterol in animal oil is an important component of human tissue cells, is an important raw material for the synthesis of bile and some hormones.

    Two, animal oil complete sets of equipment

    2.1 lard, butter complete sets of equipment

    Methods the crude extract of tallow by direct heating method.

    technological process:

    Raw materials, coarse cut, ground breaking, refining, filtering, crude oil refining

    2.2 complete sets of equipment and oil

    technological process:

    Raw materials, rough cut, crushing, refining, filtration, crude oil refining

    2.3 animal oil refining complete sets of equipment

    In animal fat coarse extraction process, if handled properly, gets the grease products don't need further processing can be used, but in the production practice often due to the storage time is too long and a series of reasons, of the product obtained from the acid value is too high or the presence of collagen and other impurities. Therefore, these animals need to be further refined oil consumption.

    Process Description: the purpose of the process is to remove the colloidal impurities in crude oil, mainly some of the protein, phospholipids and mucus. At present, the main use of water and chemical.

    Marking: the purpose of bleaching is to remove grease in the pigment composition, decoloring by adsorption decolorization method, accomplished by the addition of activated clay, adding a small amount of activated carbon, they can adsorption pigments and some oil degradation products.

    Removal of acid removing stinky: because the animal fats after brewed later, acid value is too high, does not meet the hygienic standard for edible animal fats, in bleaching adding activated clay produced by the smell of the soil so the need for deacidification deodorization treatment.

    technological process:

    Crude oil, degummed (or dry degumming), drying, decoloration, filtration, deaeration, change heat, heating, physical deacidification deodorization, change heat, cooling, refined oil

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