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    Sunflower oil equipment

    First, process:

    Sunflower seeds first in the pre processing workshop after cleaning, husking, flaking, steamed fried, oil, etc. after the link, the pre pressed sunflower seed cake into the leaching workshop. Pre pressed and extracted crude oil after degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing process of refined oil.

    Two, sunflower seed oil equipment:

    2.1 sunflower seeds pre pressing complete sets of equipment:

    Process Description: sunflower seeds by shelling pre press process and approach to the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, broken, flaking, steamed into the wok cooking, spiral pre press machine for pre press and squeeze the crude oil is filtered to pressed crude oil to send to refine. Press cake to send to the leaching plant for leaching.

    Sunflower seeds, clean up, broken, broken, steamed, fried, press

    2.2 complete sets of equipment for the extraction of sunflower seed cake:

    Process: pre pressing sunflower cake, transport, leaching, evaporation, extraction, extraction of crude oil

    Process Description: pre pressing workshop of sunflower press cake conveying to the leaching plant, the 1# buried scraper conveyor and sealed packing auger enter extractor, with operation of extractor was injected into the concentration decreased in the order of the mixed oil and finally sprayed into fresh solvent, make the oil drop to below 1%, wet meal by 2# buried scraper conveyor, sealed packing auger enter desolventizer toaster, spray directly into steam to remove the solvent, transported to the meal storehouse package. Solvent extraction of oil from the oil mixture, by filtering, precipitation mechanical impurities, evaporation, stripping and other processes to remove the solvent extraction of crude oil.

    Mixed oil by vacuum evaporation technology, the use of steam to offline secondary steam as the heat source, a evaporator, the second evaporator, vapor provided are working in a vacuum, reduces the evaporation temperature, improve the quality of crude oil, steam consumption is reduced.

    After a steaming, steaming, stripping, leaching solvent vapour respectively through corresponding recovery condenser, condensed liquid to the liquid collecting tank, after entering the water allocation of container, solvent then pump into the leaching device into a circular, points out the waterways of the cooking pot cooking wastewater discharge. The condenser free gas into the balance tank, then enters the final condenser exhaust vent after recycling the solvent.

    Main equipment: extractor, steaming offline, meal at the end of the trapping device, long tube evaporator, the plate stripper, condenser, containers, cooking tank, tail gas absorption tower etc..

    Main features: the equipment adopts negative pressure evaporation process, low residual oil, less solvent consumption, and the quality of the extract oil is good, and the color is shallow.

    2.3 complete sets of equipment for sunflower seed oil refining

    Shallow color of crude oil sunflower seeds, degumming, removing acid, decolorization and removal of deodorization and soybean oil were similar, after dewaxing can reach the first grade of national standard of oil.

    Process: crude oil, degumming, decoloration, filtration, deaeration, change heat, heating, deacidification deodorization, for heating, cooling, crystallization, crystal growing, filtering, refined oil

    Process Description: after preheating of crude oil, adding dilute alkali, oil glue miscellaneous and some free fatty acid to produce soapstock, then isolated soap, and then into the oil adding salt hot water for washing, isolated soap wash water, after one or two of the same washing is complete degumming. Oil degumming in bleaching, the addition of activated clay in the bleaching tower decolorization, then pump into the leaf filter filtered, the filtrate after being polished into a process, the leaf filter dryer by vibration discharging waste clay. Bleaching oil pump into the gas analyzer vacuum deaerating and then pumped into the oil heat exchanger and de odor oil heat exchange preheating and re enters the heater for heating to 250 DEG into combined deacidification deodorization tower under the high vacuum condition were deacidification and smelly, greatly limit remove oil fatty acids, odor removal of volatile substances, fatty acid mixed steam from the top of the tower discharged into collector of fatty acid trapping system after the sale. Oil from the bottom of the pump into the heat exchanger and to be replaced by hot oil, and then through the cooling to get off the smell of oil. Smelly after oil removal, in the crystallization tank cooling crystallization and then transferred to crystal growing stage, the crystallization of the oil pump into the filter separation wax and grease are refined oil.

    Main equipment: centrifuge (or refining pot), bleaching tower, leaf filter, bag filter, combined deacidification de deodorizer, spiral plate heat exchanger, a crystallization tank, dewaxing filter etc.

    Technology characteristics: by physical refining technology, equipped with advanced combined deacidification deodorization tower, high degree of automation, low production cost, small loss, design the dewaxing degreasing process, the quality of the finished oil can reach the national standard.

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