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    Filtering equipment

    First, the project profile

    Rice bran is a byproduct of rice processing into rice, and the oil content of rice is different from that of rice variety, usually in 16~23%. Rice bran oil not only has excellent cooking performance, but also has a unique health function, so it has great value to use. Rice bran oil as a source of heat and nutrition and health care products, has been widespread concern in many countries of the world, its smell fragrant, resistance to high temperature frying, the persistent storage and almost no harmful substances generated etc. advantages. It is difficult to compare with other varieties of edible oil.

    The chemical structure of the rice bran oil composition is very unique, very accord with human recommended dietary fatty acids standard, saturated fatty acid in fatty acids accounted for 20% of the unsaturated fatty acids accounted for 80%, unsaturated oleic acid accounted for 38%, linoleic acid accounted for 40%, it is typical of oleic acid, linoleic acid oils and fats. Linoleic acid can reduce the cholesterol in the blood vessel walls too many deposition, can prevent atherosclerosis. At the same time, rice bran oil contains vitamin E, squalene, activity of fatty acid synthase, oryzanol, phytosterols and other dozens of natural bioactive constituents, the regulating function of human body, improve the metabolism of have great effect. Rice bran oil has excellent performance and wide application, and is a new functional health food oil.

    Two, rice bran oil production technology

    (a) rice bran oil processing technology:

    Rice bran, feeding, conveying, chaff separation, extrusion granulating, lifting and conveying, leaching, crude oil

    (two) refining technology of rice bran oil

    1, rice bran oil refining process

    Rice bran oil, degumming, alkali refining, bleaching, deodorization, dewaxing, filtering, refining of rice bran oil

    2. The physical refining process of rice bran oil

    Rice bran oil degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing, filtering, refining of rice bran oil

    The acid value of crude rice bran oil is usually very high, generally 10 to 25 acid value, high up to 30 to 40 acid value and ordinary chemical refining method has been difficult to meet the requirements of the processing of the economic. The rice bran oil physical refining process, less processing loss, high yield of refined oil, and can directly obtain the mixed fatty acids, a by-product of.

    The physical refining of rice bran oil is the method of steam distillation. That rice bran oil under high vacuum and high temperature conditions, through to the oil injection clean water vapor with the operation process of oil in the FFA.

    Characteristics of physical refining process

    (1) due to the processing operation in high temperature conditions is the oil deacidification, so before crude oil into distillation processing must carries on the strict requirements of pretreatment, to removal of oil in free fatty acid than the vast majority of impurity and pigment.

    (3) the operation of distillation and de acid for semi continuous production. All pretreatment operations before the distillation of the acid are intermittent production.

    (4) the removal of acid and grease is combined into a process operation, which simplifies the process equipment and operation, and the auxiliary material consumption is little.

    (4) rice bran oil products can reach the standard of national standard of the people's Republic of China National standard.

    (5) the yield of the neutral oil was higher than that of the base by 3.8% or more. Oil refining refining loss ratio of 0.81, distillation of acid process parameters pressure 250-350 750 PA, temperature 240 to 270 DEG C; production technology indicators: steam consumption is 1152 kg / ton of oil, power consumption is 124. Degree.

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