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    Tea seed oil equipment

    A brief introduction to the distribution of Camellia seed.

    Camellia oleifera forest is mainly distributed in southern China hilly areas, which Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Anhui, the planting area of maximum recently Hubei, Fujian, Guangdong, Yunnan and Guizhou region also vigorously develop the planting. Oil and walnut oil and walnut oil, known as China's two major natural woody oil, since ancient times, "Oriental olive oil", said its unsaturated fatty acid content of more than olive oil, up to 90%. Richer plant squalene, flavonoids, internal and have effect in prevention of cardio cerebral vascular sclerosis, lowering blood pressure, reducing blood lipid and other, external to moisturize the skin, UFA beauty, promoting blood circulation Huayu.

    Two. The results obtained from the processing technology of oil tea camellia seed oil:

    To have a thorough understanding of tea seed oil, camellia oil processing technology research began in 1988, over the years has in tea and fruit peel, tea seed drying, tea seed cold pressing, leaching of tea cakes, tea seed oil refining, extraction of tea saponin, tea seed oil, capsule made rich achievements in scientific research since to undertake a full section of the tea seed oil processing complete turn key project. Changsheng oil has a brilliant performance, has in the provinces of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Fujian, Anhui and other construction dozens of camellia oil production line, successful completed the design, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging tasks, the factory put into production, indicators are in accordance with the merger is better than the national standard, has been highly appraised by customers.

    Three, Changsheng oil camellia oil processing equipment to undertake turnkey project.

    Tea fruit peeling drying equipment, tea seed oil cold pressed (Luzhou) complete sets of equipment, tea leaching of complete sets of equipment, oil refining equipment, tea seed oil capsule, complete sets of equipment, tea seed oil equipment, tea saponin complete sets of equipment.

    3.1 fruit peel drying equipment:

    In the past, tea and fruit processing mainly uses natural drying after manual peeling method, labor intensity, labor costs high, low production efficiency, with around the tea plantation base gradually entered into the wet period, tea and fruit to focus on picking, the primitive method of treatment has been unable to meet the demand. Now, the research and development of tea and fruit peeling fruit machine and tea fruit peeling, drying process, directly on the acquisition of fresh fruit of peeling, separation and drying processing and post processing of tea seed can directly stored in the warehouse or entering press workshop press, do not need artificial drying broken skin.

    technological process:

    Fruit - cleaning, peeling skin and seed separation - drying - dry tea seed

    Main equipment:

    Fruit peeling machine, drying machine, etc.

    Main features:

    (1) without artificial drying and peeling, and solves the problem of drying space, but also saves a lot of labor cost for enterprises.

    (2) large amount of treatment, especially suitable for the planting area of tea plant or business.

    3.2 tea seed oil cold pressing complete sets of equipment:

    Traditional tea seed oil pressing the fire stir fry after squeezing process, production environment is poor, high labor intensity, pressure oil, deep color, quality does not meet the national hygiene standards, with the improvement of people's living standard, new tea seed cold pressing technique, both keep the oil tea camellia seed oil unique flavor and nutritional value, improve the color of the finished product oil, oil quality is improved.

    technological process:

    Tea seed - Cleaning - drying - shell - crushing cold pressing filtration cold pressing

    Tea seed - Cleaning - drying - crushing - Cooking - and pressing filtration aroma of Camellia Oil

    Main equipment:

    Cleaning sieve, drying machine, tea seed sheller, steaming and frying pan, cold pressing machine, filter etc.

    Main features:

    (1) cold pressed tea seed oil research and development equipment Changsheng, cold pressed tea seed, also can do the aroma of Camellia oil.

    (2) by shelling press technology, light color, low acid value of oil pressure.

    (3) the customer special concern of the benzene propylene ratio refers to the press part to be resolved, and the nutritional composition has been fully maintained.

    (4) cold pressing machine output is big, residual oil bottom.

    (5) workshop production line automation degree is high, but also can use the touch screen or computer operation.

    3.3 tea extraction equipment

    Tea contains saponins, especially easy to agglomerate is a leaching difficult oil, Changsheng oil since tea leaching process research began in the 1980s, the suitable for the development of the tea leaching production process and many tea processing special equipment, more than 20 years, the construction of dozens of tea leaching production line, there are plenty of successful cases and experiences.

    technological process:

    The tea - crushing - drying - Leaching of crude oil

    Main features:

    After a long Sheng oil R & D team for more than 20 years of continuous exploration and improvement, the sets of equipment specialized for the design of the tea, mainly the following characteristics:

    (1) residual oil at the end of

    (2) to solve the tea especially easy to agglomerate, not easy to transport problems.

    (3) using the mixed oil negative pressure evaporation process, the quality of crude oil extraction is good.

    (4) the use of advanced refrigeration tail gas absorption system, less solvent consumption, low production costs.

    (5) the use of advanced touch screen control system, a large number of computer operating system can be selected, high degree of modernization.

    3.4 tea seed oil physical refining complete sets of equipment

    Tea seed oil refining is long and special projects in the oil, camellia oil refining has very rich practical experience. Our tea seed oil refining by physical refining technology, according to the size of the output can be used for half a row and a total of two forms, the whole set of equipment, including the pipeline valve are made of stainless steel. The physical process is the combination of the physical process and the configuration of the distillation process.

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